Monday, September 21, 2009

Show #18: Distort LA Fest

i wanted to post pictures of this show because i saw a ton of people take them. i have yet to receive any at all, or see any. either way, you had to be there to experience it. it was on top of a roof in downtown LA (more specifically on the roof at earth capital studios where we record). a ton of powerviolence/crust/grind/punk bands played. it was awesome. 2 stages...sadly everyone had to leave early to catch the bad lovers record release show. thanks to everyone who watched. it was really cool. (i missed vegan tacos but i heard they were off the chain). more of this needs to happen. distort la 2 please. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

home from tour/show #16 and #17 with Elitist

we arrived home. practiced the night before our show with Elitist from Portland and showed up at The Blvd. to play our set. it was sloppy, but it felt good to get back into the swing of things. it was a few of our members first time meeting/seeing Elitist and it was a true treat. i dont have anything negative to say about those dudes. and by the way they are loud as fuck. seriously i dont complain about how loud bands are normally but these dudes are loud and it sounds damn good! they played a killer set and then i met up with them to smoke weed and hang out. the next day we got up early and drove down to san diego and ate at my favorite restaurant Pokez. its in downtown....and not only is the cheapest food ever: its incredible! vegan and vege friendly. i suggest you all try it. the show was at The Music Trader which is a super cool record store in SD. our friends in Demonora played too which was cool and seeing Elitist one more time was amazing. again, that band is incredible. this was a lot to write in a post about nothing really. thanks to ryan for the blvd show and to the dudes at music trader who fucking rule! 


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Touche Amore Summer Tour 2009
Aug. 6- Las Vegas, NV
Aug. 7- Madera, CA
Aug. 8- Half Moon Bay, CA (Kinda Like A Fest 5)
Aug. 9- Reno, NV
Aug. 10- Salt Lake City, UT
Aug. 11- Boise, ID
Aug. 12- ???
Aug. 13- Bellingham, WA
Aug. 14- Tacoma, WA
Aug. 15- Seattle, WA
Aug. 16- Portland, OR
Aug. 17- Redding, CA
Aug. 18- Olivehurst, CA
Aug. 19- Belmont, CA
Aug. 20- Sacramento, CA
Aug. 21- Santa Cruz, CA
Aug. 22- Santa Barbara, CA
go here for more information.
 3 of us are on this tour. come watch us play.
when we get back:
August 28th @ The Global Cafe in LA
August 29th @ The Music Trader in San Diego
both shows with Elitist from Portland, OR.
band is brutal, prepare to have your ears shit kicked.
then September 5th with Cathedrals on a roof. yes.
Cathedrals/Deadhead split soon.
Deadhead 10" after that.
have i reminded you enough?
shirts & patches sooner than later.
plus our 7" is on itunes. 

Sunday, July 19, 2009


last night we played at the spread. thriller, regret the informer, canyons, us, and bleeding kansas all played. it was a rad night. bk was super on point (when jakes drums weren't getting fucked) and i was super pleased to hear thrillers new jams. good luck to regret the informer and canyons on their journey back home. glad they could stop through california.

this is our last show for over a month. most of us will be gone on tour with touche amore. if you're on the west coast you should go watch them. also if you are at sound and fury catch touche on sunday.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

show cancelled last night

yeah show got shut down. shit sucked. as we finished setting up cops came. dudes were douches too. oh well. at least i snapped a couple pics.

Friday, July 3, 2009


thanks to chris for these....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


last night we played at the nomad art gallery in los angeles. first off i just want to say that this is probably the best place to play in LA. a ton of kids came out, the vibe was pure and good the entire time, and a ton of awesome bands played, and a ton of amazing artwork was up as well! i couldn't have asked for anything better. we played first and the set went super well, anyone who was there saw easily one of our best performances. (i think there might be a video...we'll see) after we played badmouth did a killer set as usual. then comadre blew the fucking ceiling off that place. their reaction was out of control and sooo pure and honest. what an amazing band....then 3/5 of us played in touche amore and i can easily say it was the best reaction we'd ever gotten, truly a special night. then rotting out came and fucking destroyed faces. band is so fast.

it was one of those rare inspiring nights that makes you believe in punk rock, in doing things for the right reasons, and gives you a little hope that the kids coming up now arent all just douchebags. i cant thank anyone enough for last night. what a tuesday.

reminders: we have a show july 11th in long beach, and a show july 18th at the spread. then a break for touche amore tour. then we'll be back to record for our 10" and play more shows. make sure if you have money and time to go to Kinda Like A Fest in half moon bay, CA. vegan food, punk rock, and the bay area (how can you ask for more??)


Sunday, June 14, 2009


this show was at the echo. punk/hardcore record swap. thanks to ryan who set this up, really rad! we played without bass, just some extra amps. was still fine. our boy chris took some photos, so i'll post them later.

heres the important news. RESTRAINED (eric's now defunct band) broke up tonight, at the basement of Back To The Grind in Riverside. it was truly incredible for me to watch it. i have loved that band since i first saw them. eric always blew me away, and the rest of those guys are not only amazing musicians, but stand up fucking dudes. it was a great farewell to a great band. i am not going to be mad about this, in the end we must be happy that they did exist. this was a time to celebrate all that they accomplished since 2004. i love all you guys, and im so excited to seee what the future holds for everyone in that band. r.i.p. to one of the best so cal punks bands around. and big ups to moldar, rogue state, and time for change, you all played really great tonight, and said some way cool stuff! thanks RESTRAINED.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


We recorded 2 songs for our split with Cathedrals and Life Tyrant yesterday. The songs are posted on our myspace page. ( 

here's some photo documentation:

Monday, April 27, 2009


we played our 12th show last week (forgot to update..) in a very hot and sweaty garage in west covina. the line up was with badmouth and moldar. the show ended up having way more people than we expected and we played a super sweaty set that we were pretty happy with. then just as moldar finished setting up the cops came and busted down the music. lame. fuck cops blah blah...

were recording for the 3 way split on may 15th so watch out. 


Monday, March 30, 2009


so half of us just got back from the touche  amore tour...which was the greatest experience ever.....but now we can focus on getting some more shit done. we are lining up some new shows and writing new material for a couple new releases and hopefully getting some new merch printed up soon. we unfortunately had to cancel our spot on an april 4th house show. but we have a few shows in may getting lined up so we'll see. 

1. record cathedrals/restrained 3 way split
2. get some shirts/patches made
3. record 10" 
4. play more shows


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


so we played our record release show last night at the pharaohs den in riverside. it was a super good lineup: abandon, royal monsters, from the depths, and seven generations. we played right after royal monsters (who put on an incredible set!) and to be totally honest it was proabably our worst set yet. the drums kept getting fucked up, and we were just off for half the set. but we worked through and it, and these kinds of things happen so its okay, we're still learning as a band... big shout out to the dudes in from the depths who were the nicest people ever. thanks to kevan, who put this on. and thanks to whoever bought a 7" means a lot.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


free garage show with Dangers, Cathedrals, Charged, Tension, and Poweraxe. tension started off the night with a great old school punk sounding set, and then we played next. shit went off right away! thanks to all the kids who went wild during the set, i even notcied a few kids knew some words! amazing....our mic broke, but fuck thats what happens. charged played an awesome set, and of course kids went compltely nuts for it. its their 2nd to last show (RIP). dangers played a great set, to a lot less kids (oddly), and then cathedrals played to even less (yet a packed garage still). both bands were amazing. cathedrals was so heavy i almost couldnt breathe. hahah.anyways thanks to melanie from Melotov Records for this one. shes a sweetheart and 19 as of yesterday.

7" release show is march 16th at the pharaohs den in riverside with From The Depths (ex- catharsis and requiem), Seven Generations, Royal Monsters, Abandon, Repress, blah blah. great lineup. so make sure to come check it out if you're around.


Thursday, February 26, 2009


first pictures of the 7" on its way to california so you guys can buy them!

so tonight was our show with ceremony and cruel hand. shit was out of hand. a more than sold out crowd, everyone could barely move. it was great though, and we played to a ton of kids who had never seen us, so that was great. i honestly dont know what else to say about this show, except that i am personally in love with badmouth.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


tonites show was an incredible nite.
it started off way out in whittier, in a backyard. apparently, 11 bands were supposed to play.. (instant suspicion) and of course on cue right before we go on, the cops come. so the show is
totally bootlegged in a garage in west covina. we played in the hottest, most sweaty pile of kids, and everyone went pretty nuts for us and it was a really good time. then a bunch of bands shared equipment and did small sets after ours that was really good and kids went off for everyone! thanks to andy for coming through on the show in time of need, and his mom who for some reason allowed it. and badmouth and that family of bands for ruling as dudes and for brutal tunes.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

DEADHEAD SHOW #7 [new bass player]

last night was our first show with our new bass player Eric Goodman [see above photo to check out this handsome devil]. Eric is more known to shred guitar in the band Restrained or play bass in Bad Lovers, but we're super excited to have him as the newest member of DEADHEAD. everthing has worked out great and he killed it last night. we're glad that tyler can now focus on just being the best singer he can now too. oddly though we only played as a 4 piece as jeremy was unable to make the show.

this was by far the coldest show any of us had ever played. it ended up being outside, in some kids driveway in Baldwin Park. it was literally in the 30 degree range outside [for us Californians thats like -100 degrees]. we got through it and the show was great. thanks to angel for this one. next show is next saturday, another house show, this time in whittier.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


another show at motion la. this time with a ton of amazing bands. Calculator, Civilian, Restrained, Juarez, and Moldar. What a show.... Its rare that only really good bands play a show, but this was for sure the case. i think this show pretty much speaks for itself. extra special shout out to Blues who were so tight on their shit, it was unreal. thanks to richard for this one. end.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


so last night we had our 5th show. it was thrown together in only a couple days because of a Touche Amore cancelled house show. so it ended up being Sohns (tx), La Dispute (mi), Rotting Out, and us. it was the first byob show at the spread, and it ended up being way fun and smooth. nothing bad happened, everything was perfect. Sohns killed it first, then La Dispute, who honestly were absolutely incredible, a cut above what most bands will ever become, and then Rotting Out who are so full of fast, hardcore energy that they are undeniably great.
we all agreed that this was our best show so far. we played better, and the enviornment was just so happy and fun. thanks to everybody who came and it made it a literal overnight success.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


played our 4th show last night. weird situation for sure. a couple weeks ago Arctic Choke (a band from LA) got money stolen from them after a Motion LA show was shut down. sooo they cancelled last week. then yesterday before the show Rotting Out and Badmouth (mind you both LA bands) cancelled. so the show ended up becoming us and a touring band from Texas called Branch Dividian. literally when we showed up it was just us, the bands. so we called up our friends in Demonora (jake plays drums in it) and Veil Era (jake used to play drums in it) and they showed up to do an impromptu set. a few friends ended up showing up and the show got underway. 

first Demonora played and they were super solid. if you havent heard them check them out. then we played. thought we did alright, starting to feel a lot better about things. then Branch Dividian played and they were great, good 80's punk/american nightmare feeel. then Veil Era played and russ (their drummer) got horribly drunk off cognac and vomitted during the set, only to continue playing.....punk as fuck. i wrote all that just to mention that story.

thanks again to the few friends who showed up, i could personally care less about people showing up, but i know it meant a lot to the touring band who just wanted to make a few bucks to get home.