Thursday, February 26, 2009


first pictures of the 7" on its way to california so you guys can buy them!

so tonight was our show with ceremony and cruel hand. shit was out of hand. a more than sold out crowd, everyone could barely move. it was great though, and we played to a ton of kids who had never seen us, so that was great. i honestly dont know what else to say about this show, except that i am personally in love with badmouth.


Sunday, February 22, 2009


tonites show was an incredible nite.
it started off way out in whittier, in a backyard. apparently, 11 bands were supposed to play.. (instant suspicion) and of course on cue right before we go on, the cops come. so the show is
totally bootlegged in a garage in west covina. we played in the hottest, most sweaty pile of kids, and everyone went pretty nuts for us and it was a really good time. then a bunch of bands shared equipment and did small sets after ours that was really good and kids went off for everyone! thanks to andy for coming through on the show in time of need, and his mom who for some reason allowed it. and badmouth and that family of bands for ruling as dudes and for brutal tunes.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

DEADHEAD SHOW #7 [new bass player]

last night was our first show with our new bass player Eric Goodman [see above photo to check out this handsome devil]. Eric is more known to shred guitar in the band Restrained or play bass in Bad Lovers, but we're super excited to have him as the newest member of DEADHEAD. everthing has worked out great and he killed it last night. we're glad that tyler can now focus on just being the best singer he can now too. oddly though we only played as a 4 piece as jeremy was unable to make the show.

this was by far the coldest show any of us had ever played. it ended up being outside, in some kids driveway in Baldwin Park. it was literally in the 30 degree range outside [for us Californians thats like -100 degrees]. we got through it and the show was great. thanks to angel for this one. next show is next saturday, another house show, this time in whittier.


Sunday, February 1, 2009


another show at motion la. this time with a ton of amazing bands. Calculator, Civilian, Restrained, Juarez, and Moldar. What a show.... Its rare that only really good bands play a show, but this was for sure the case. i think this show pretty much speaks for itself. extra special shout out to Blues who were so tight on their shit, it was unreal. thanks to richard for this one. end.