Monday, March 30, 2009


so half of us just got back from the touche  amore tour...which was the greatest experience ever.....but now we can focus on getting some more shit done. we are lining up some new shows and writing new material for a couple new releases and hopefully getting some new merch printed up soon. we unfortunately had to cancel our spot on an april 4th house show. but we have a few shows in may getting lined up so we'll see. 

1. record cathedrals/restrained 3 way split
2. get some shirts/patches made
3. record 10" 
4. play more shows


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


so we played our record release show last night at the pharaohs den in riverside. it was a super good lineup: abandon, royal monsters, from the depths, and seven generations. we played right after royal monsters (who put on an incredible set!) and to be totally honest it was proabably our worst set yet. the drums kept getting fucked up, and we were just off for half the set. but we worked through and it, and these kinds of things happen so its okay, we're still learning as a band... big shout out to the dudes in from the depths who were the nicest people ever. thanks to kevan, who put this on. and thanks to whoever bought a 7" means a lot.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


free garage show with Dangers, Cathedrals, Charged, Tension, and Poweraxe. tension started off the night with a great old school punk sounding set, and then we played next. shit went off right away! thanks to all the kids who went wild during the set, i even notcied a few kids knew some words! amazing....our mic broke, but fuck thats what happens. charged played an awesome set, and of course kids went compltely nuts for it. its their 2nd to last show (RIP). dangers played a great set, to a lot less kids (oddly), and then cathedrals played to even less (yet a packed garage still). both bands were amazing. cathedrals was so heavy i almost couldnt breathe. hahah.anyways thanks to melanie from Melotov Records for this one. shes a sweetheart and 19 as of yesterday.

7" release show is march 16th at the pharaohs den in riverside with From The Depths (ex- catharsis and requiem), Seven Generations, Royal Monsters, Abandon, Repress, blah blah. great lineup. so make sure to come check it out if you're around.