Sunday, February 15, 2009

DEADHEAD SHOW #7 [new bass player]

last night was our first show with our new bass player Eric Goodman [see above photo to check out this handsome devil]. Eric is more known to shred guitar in the band Restrained or play bass in Bad Lovers, but we're super excited to have him as the newest member of DEADHEAD. everthing has worked out great and he killed it last night. we're glad that tyler can now focus on just being the best singer he can now too. oddly though we only played as a 4 piece as jeremy was unable to make the show.

this was by far the coldest show any of us had ever played. it ended up being outside, in some kids driveway in Baldwin Park. it was literally in the 30 degree range outside [for us Californians thats like -100 degrees]. we got through it and the show was great. thanks to angel for this one. next show is next saturday, another house show, this time in whittier.


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