Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Touche Amore Summer Tour 2009
Aug. 6- Las Vegas, NV
Aug. 7- Madera, CA
Aug. 8- Half Moon Bay, CA (Kinda Like A Fest 5)
Aug. 9- Reno, NV
Aug. 10- Salt Lake City, UT
Aug. 11- Boise, ID
Aug. 12- ???
Aug. 13- Bellingham, WA
Aug. 14- Tacoma, WA
Aug. 15- Seattle, WA
Aug. 16- Portland, OR
Aug. 17- Redding, CA
Aug. 18- Olivehurst, CA
Aug. 19- Belmont, CA
Aug. 20- Sacramento, CA
Aug. 21- Santa Cruz, CA
Aug. 22- Santa Barbara, CA
go here for more information.
 3 of us are on this tour. come watch us play.
when we get back:
August 28th @ The Global Cafe in LA
August 29th @ The Music Trader in San Diego
both shows with Elitist from Portland, OR.
band is brutal, prepare to have your ears shit kicked.
then September 5th with Cathedrals on a roof. yes.
Cathedrals/Deadhead split soon.
Deadhead 10" after that.
have i reminded you enough?
shirts & patches sooner than later.
plus our 7" is on itunes. 

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