Monday, August 31, 2009

home from tour/show #16 and #17 with Elitist

we arrived home. practiced the night before our show with Elitist from Portland and showed up at The Blvd. to play our set. it was sloppy, but it felt good to get back into the swing of things. it was a few of our members first time meeting/seeing Elitist and it was a true treat. i dont have anything negative to say about those dudes. and by the way they are loud as fuck. seriously i dont complain about how loud bands are normally but these dudes are loud and it sounds damn good! they played a killer set and then i met up with them to smoke weed and hang out. the next day we got up early and drove down to san diego and ate at my favorite restaurant Pokez. its in downtown....and not only is the cheapest food ever: its incredible! vegan and vege friendly. i suggest you all try it. the show was at The Music Trader which is a super cool record store in SD. our friends in Demonora played too which was cool and seeing Elitist one more time was amazing. again, that band is incredible. this was a lot to write in a post about nothing really. thanks to ryan for the blvd show and to the dudes at music trader who fucking rule! 


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