Tuesday, January 6, 2009


played our 4th show last night. weird situation for sure. a couple weeks ago Arctic Choke (a band from LA) got money stolen from them after a Motion LA show was shut down. sooo they cancelled last week. then yesterday before the show Rotting Out and Badmouth (mind you both LA bands) cancelled. so the show ended up becoming us and a touring band from Texas called Branch Dividian. literally when we showed up it was just us, the bands. so we called up our friends in Demonora (jake plays drums in it) and Veil Era (jake used to play drums in it) and they showed up to do an impromptu set. a few friends ended up showing up and the show got underway. 

first Demonora played and they were super solid. if you havent heard them check them out. then we played. thought we did alright, starting to feel a lot better about things. then Branch Dividian played and they were great, good 80's punk/american nightmare feeel. then Veil Era played and russ (their drummer) got horribly drunk off cognac and vomitted during the set, only to continue playing.....punk as fuck. i wrote all that just to mention that story.

thanks again to the few friends who showed up, i could personally care less about people showing up, but i know it meant a lot to the touring band who just wanted to make a few bucks to get home.


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