Monday, December 22, 2008

7" Labels/Show #3/+blah

Here is the first preview of "A State of Punk". These labels we're done by Nick Steinhardt [bass player in Touche Amore and graphic design master]. Check his website over at . We think they look amazing. The vinyl will be grey with random splatter colors, so each will have a nice individual look. When the rest of the artwork is finished i'll post it up here. 

So we played Saturday night at The Cocaine. It was a good show, I thought we played the best that we have so far and we got to see some friends we don't normally see come out which was super cool! Thanks to everyone who came out, all the old friends, and our friends at The Cocaine who let this all go down. We played first and then our friends Sheeep came on and played. I don't think there is much else to say about the show, other than I only heard of like 1 person taking pictures, so if I find some i'll probably post them on our myspace. 

I'd also like to mention real quick the anarchy that is happening in Greece. After a cop killed a teenage anarchist, young rebels have been destroying buildings and killing cops and the government has had no control over it. I am not happy about people dying, nor do I ever condone this kind of violence because of the innocent lives it kills. But what I do think is important about all of this is that fact that they are questioning the authority of the police state and trying to topple the oppression of the system. I hope that everything works out in Greece, I hope that the government collapses and the people start what they believe will be best for them. I hope there will be a peaceful resolve to this, and I hope that no more innocent lives are destroyed.


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