Sunday, December 14, 2008


So last night was our first show at The Spread in Sun Valley, CA. A great first show filled with friends and great music. First shout out goes out to all the bands who played last night: Black Sheep Wall, Thriller, Heavy Heavy Low Low, and Bleeding Kansas. Everyone played great, especially Bleeding Kansas who played some of our personal favorite songs from their EP 1859...shit was insane. There are some pictures floating around but I honestly haven't seen too many from our set yet. If I find some more i'll post them here or something. Second thanks goes to everyone who came out last night and it made it the most successful spread night so far. Make sure if you didn't go to check out the spread at and if you can please donate to help save the house!

In other news the 7" is on its way to the pressing plant and the artwork is getting done now. The 7" will be called "A State of Punk" and it will be available through Mayfly Records in the coming weeks. We also have some great shows lined up, including one in February with the great Ceremony at Motion La, so watch out for that. We're still looking to book more shows, so let us know about anything that we can jump on. i'll end this with our contact e-mail:


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