Friday, November 21, 2008


So I guess this will be our "website" on the "world wide web". This will be a place for us to post pictures of our shows, talk about releases, and whatever the fuck else we feel like. Lets start with some news:

Our debut 7" currently titled "A State of Punk" is currently in the works. The songs have been recorded and we are almost happy enough with it to release. We're going back into Earth Capital Studios in Downtown LA to clean up a couple vocal parts and do a final mix and master really soon. The 7" will be released by Mayfly Records out of Ohio. A solid dude named Bob is the puppet master behind it all and he has been more than supportive of whatever we want to do, which is rad. When we get the artwork/layout/vinyl colors for it we'll post it up here for sure. We also have a split coming out through another friend, but we won't talk about that until it's a little more official. 

Our first show is December 13th at The Spread in Sun Valley with Thriller, Black Sheep Wall, and Bleeding Kansas (yeah, its gonna be that good). If you haven't heard of "The Spread" its a wonderful house that throws amazing shows with (good) kegs and a whiskey fountain once a month (to find out more or to book the house for a show visit  We're definitely looking to book more shows through the new year so hit us up at if you wanna have us play or something. 


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