Saturday, December 20, 2008


Last night we had our second show. Shit was wild! It was the Charged 6 year anniversary show and Catch Your Breath's last show, so all the Santa Clarita Valley oi! punx made it out. It was inside of a garage in Saugus. We played second after lagging on setting up for a while. Instantly from the first song, kids starting going ape shit. Jumping on top of us, getting hit by our guitars, moshing out of control, and just generally being drunk 16 year old punks. It was super fun. After our set, we all stayed to watch Charged where kids got even more insane, and then watched Catch Your Breath lay their band to rest. Kids went crazy for every song, and they put on an amazingly fun little performance. Apparently the drummer is now in Dangers, congrats on that. The other kids will be starting new bands too I guess so be on the lookout for that! At the end of their set the bass player (who's in both Charged and CYB) destroyed his bass which caused kids to start destroying drums and break the fuck out of that bass. Awesome shit. I dont know if anybody took pictures but I do know there is video of Charged and CYB so that will be cool to see.

We have another show tonite at The Cocaine in Los Angeles with our friends in Sheeep. Should be rager. check our myspace for details. 


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jeff said...

i took a picture.

would love to see that video