Wednesday, July 1, 2009


last night we played at the nomad art gallery in los angeles. first off i just want to say that this is probably the best place to play in LA. a ton of kids came out, the vibe was pure and good the entire time, and a ton of awesome bands played, and a ton of amazing artwork was up as well! i couldn't have asked for anything better. we played first and the set went super well, anyone who was there saw easily one of our best performances. (i think there might be a video...we'll see) after we played badmouth did a killer set as usual. then comadre blew the fucking ceiling off that place. their reaction was out of control and sooo pure and honest. what an amazing band....then 3/5 of us played in touche amore and i can easily say it was the best reaction we'd ever gotten, truly a special night. then rotting out came and fucking destroyed faces. band is so fast.

it was one of those rare inspiring nights that makes you believe in punk rock, in doing things for the right reasons, and gives you a little hope that the kids coming up now arent all just douchebags. i cant thank anyone enough for last night. what a tuesday.

reminders: we have a show july 11th in long beach, and a show july 18th at the spread. then a break for touche amore tour. then we'll be back to record for our 10" and play more shows. make sure if you have money and time to go to Kinda Like A Fest in half moon bay, CA. vegan food, punk rock, and the bay area (how can you ask for more??)


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