Sunday, June 14, 2009


this show was at the echo. punk/hardcore record swap. thanks to ryan who set this up, really rad! we played without bass, just some extra amps. was still fine. our boy chris took some photos, so i'll post them later.

heres the important news. RESTRAINED (eric's now defunct band) broke up tonight, at the basement of Back To The Grind in Riverside. it was truly incredible for me to watch it. i have loved that band since i first saw them. eric always blew me away, and the rest of those guys are not only amazing musicians, but stand up fucking dudes. it was a great farewell to a great band. i am not going to be mad about this, in the end we must be happy that they did exist. this was a time to celebrate all that they accomplished since 2004. i love all you guys, and im so excited to seee what the future holds for everyone in that band. r.i.p. to one of the best so cal punks bands around. and big ups to moldar, rogue state, and time for change, you all played really great tonight, and said some way cool stuff! thanks RESTRAINED.


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