Monday, January 10, 2011

2011: we're still a band.

yea, havent updated this in a long time.

here's some old/new news:

-our s/t 10" ep is now available via Melotov Records.

-we have some shirts available. (maybe we'll put them online soon)

-we're playing 3 times this month:
-Jan 17 @ Chain Reaction with Graf Orlock and Dangers
-Jan 19 @ Pain is Beauty Boutique with Octaves (md) and Caravels (nv)
-Jan 27 @ The Blvd with Duke Nukem Forever (1st show in 3 years)
and then we most likely wont play too much more this year (though we'd like to)

-we're working on a new record, yet to be determined what and when though.

we do want to play though so please... email:

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